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Course Requirements

  1. Computer skills: Students should have basic computer skills such as the ability to use a web browser, create and save files, and navigate the internet.

  2. Familiarity with HTML and CSS: Although not required, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will help students customize their WordPress website and understand how themes work.

  3. Creative mindset: Students should be able to think creatively and have a strong desire to learn and experiment with different design and content strategies.

  4. Motivation: WordPress is a versatile and complex platform, so students should be motivated and committed to learning and practicing their skills to get the most out of the course.

Course Description

This comprehensive course is designed to take you from a beginner level to an expert in WordPress, the world's most popular website building platform. Whether you're an aspiring blogger, an entrepreneur looking to establish an online presence, or a web designer seeking to expand your skill set, this course has everything you need to master WordPress.

Starting with the basics, you'll learn how to set up and customize a WordPress website from scratch, including installing themes and plugins, creating pages and posts, and configuring settings. From there, you'll move on to more advanced topics such as optimizing your site for search engines, implementing e-commerce functionality, and leveraging WordPress's built-in features to create engaging and dynamic content.

Throughout the course, you'll work on real-world projects that will challenge you to apply your new skills in practical ways. By the end of the course, you'll have a complete understanding of WordPress and be able to create professional-grade websites with ease. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced web developer, this course is the perfect way to take your skills to the next level.

Course Outcomes

  1. Create a professional-grade website: Students will learn how to build a website using WordPress from scratch, including customizing themes, adding plugins, and optimizing for search engines.

  2. Implement advanced features: Students will be able to leverage WordPress's advanced features, including e-commerce functionality, custom post types, and advanced plugins.

  3. Students will learn how to troubleshoot common issues that arise with WordPress

  4. Develop a portfolio: Students will be able to showcase their work and newly acquired skills by creating a professional portfolio of WordPress websites and projects.

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction
Preview 13 Min

1 Wordpress Intallation
13 Min

1 Wordpress Dashboard
36 Min

1 How to write and publish a blog post
1 Hour

1 How to create pages
19 Min

1 Theme Customization
27 Min

1 How to Create Menu in WordPress
18 Min

1 How widgets work on wordpress
10 Min

1 How to Install and Use PLUGINS on WordPress Website
14 Min

1 WordPress Users Role Explained
14 Min

18 Min

1 WordPress SETTINGS
26 Min

1 WordPress Theme Installation and One Click Demo Import
20 Min

1 WordPress Theme Customization
33 Min

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Wordpress Masterclass: From Beginner to Expert


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